Lacey, King & Ruger | Equine Photography

Lacey, King & Ruger | Equine Photography

Wisconsin Horse Photography


There is something incredible about the bond between a girl and her horse. Nurturing a trusting relationship takes time, effort, and patience, but successfully doing so with a creature as powerful and noble as a horse makes it all worthwhile. So when my lovely client Lacey came to me with the opportunity to capture the friendship she shares with her beautiful boys Ruger and King, I jumped at the chance.  These three encapsulate what it means to be a team and demonstrated the balance required to work together. It may not always be easy, but it’s always worth it.  
Our session took place in an exclusive location that is available to only my clients and myself, and the day of our shoot was everything a July day should be. Bright sun, blue sky, and, oh yeah, 90 plus degrees. In other words, it was hot. While warmer temps might entice anyone to get a little lazy, Lacey and her partner in crime had the energy to spare. Ruger, a two year old quarter horse, was recently trained under saddle by Stacie Riehl, the owner of Legacy Performance Horses in Shiocton, Wisconsin, and he was eager to show off his spunky personality. I was impressed at how well he responds to Lacey and touched by their relationship—it’s one of the reasons I initially fell in love with equestrian photography. There is nothing that can compare to capturing these special moments because at the end of the day photographs tell stories and showcase friendships—a responsibility I take seriously.

While Lacey did her own hair and makeup for the shoot, she was a wonderful candidate to showcase some of my client outfits. I was thrilled that she also brought along a few of her favorite pieces. Together we came up with classic, timeless outfits, and the neutral pieces really allowed Lacey’s natural beauty to shine. 

Since the day was so hot, the four of us took it easy while taking advantage of the natural golden light and beautiful summer scenery. I wanted Lacey, King and Ruger to feel relaxed, so we took our time and swapped stories in between shots. Lacey and I have a lot in common and I loved learning about her history with horses. With the sun stretching high overhead, it didn’t take long for Ruger to head in the direction of the pond. We had absolutely no intention of getting wet that day, but Ruger had other plans. Lacey explained to me that Ruger is a complete water bug, and you could see his joy bubble over as the two of them descended deeper into the water. Not wanting to miss out on the action, I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to snag some pictures. The moments that ensued were full of laughter, splashes, and some epic memories now captured forever on camera. I was up to my neck in pond water, my camera balanced precariously in front of me, but every wet moment was entirely worth it. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot—and it looks like Ruger knew best after all! 

Have you fallen in love with my dreamy location? How about the unique outfits available only to my clients? Would you like to capture the bond between you and your horse in a tangible memory you can cherish the rest of your life? If the answer is yes (and it should be—you deserve it) get in touch with me. It’s more than a photo shoot—it’s an experience that you’ll cherish for the years to come.  

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