Skyler | Beaver Dam High School Senior Photos

Skyler | Beaver Dam High School | Class of 2020

Seymour, WI

Beaver Dam Wisconsin High School Senior Photos

As summer reaches a peak with incredibly warm days with long hours of bright, brooding sunshine, I have been taking shelter in air conditioning when possible. This weather can be such a challenge to work in—but I always find it to be so worth it. Currently enjoying the cooler temps inside, I take the time to reflect on one of my recent senior sessions. Skyler, a senior of Beaver Dam High School, reached out to me to do his senior pictures, and he filled me in on many fun ideas he had. What we were left with was a session to remember!

Skyler has many diverse interests that he has nurtured throughout the years in high school, and he expressed his desire to have his hobbies featured in some of his pictures. He is an avid Dodge County Explorer and we were able to feature him in his explorer uniform. I enjoyed learning about the program, which is a local youth organization that helps young adults develop teamwork, leadership, and responsibility as they learn the steps necessary to become potential law enforcement professionals. An active person who enjoys sports, we also incorporated props that showcase Skyler’s love of tennis.

Beaver Dam Wisconsin High School Senior Photos

Another thing Skyler has a passion for are horses, and even though he does not own horses, he has grown up with a love for them. This really resonated with me—and I wanted to be able to give Skyler the beautiful horse and rider pictures he hoped he could have. I reached out to my good friend and client Lacey Conradt, who you may remember from a few past sessions, and asked if we could borrow her gorgeous Gelding King. Lacey was thrilled to help out, and Skyler was so excited to meet such a beautiful and powerful horse. Skyler’s mom, Mary, explained to me that Skyler’s love for horses developed over family vacations to Wisconsin Dells where they would go horseback riding.

Our session was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed spending time with Mary and Skyler. Lacey was on hand to help with King, and I could not have done it without her help. We finished up our session capturing the pictures with King. Right at the last minute, a powerful storm rolled in out of nowhere. It didn’t deter us—in fact, it made for some incredible photos. The wind was so strong that it bent the trees sideways and the rain came down in torrents, but we all agreed that the session turned out wonderfully.

If you have interests and hobbies that you are passionate about, senior photos are a wonderful way to showcase your passions. And like it was in Skyler’s case, you don’t have to have all the amenities to make the photos of your dreams come to life. I want to do whatever I can to give you the best pictures possible, and by discussing your ideas and goals for your session I want to make it happen. No idea is too unconventional, strange, or crazy. After all, your pictures should be all about you, and I intend to keep it that way.

Beaver Dam Wisconsin High School Senior Photos