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Appleton East Class of 2020

“Steady as a preacher, free as a weed, couldn’t wait to get goin’, but wasn’t quite ready to leave, so innocent, pure and sweet, American honey”. These lyrics by the Lady Antebellum song “American Honey” were the perfect fit for my summertime session with Mikayla, a graduated senior fresh out of high school. The day was quintessentially summery and the sunshine kept us warm while offering few breaks as cotton candy clouds drifted throughout the sky. It was the perfect day for senior pictures.

Appleton WI Senior Girl Poses
Senior Pictures by a pond with Wildflowers in Appleton WI

Our session took place at my client exclusive location in Seymour, Wisconsin, and we spent a lot of time in the vast meadows amongst sun-kissed wildflowers and daisies. Mikayla chose the most adorable outfits for the session; timeless styles with a real country chicness to them. Hair and makeup were done by Autumn of Angela Marie Makeup Artistry, and each look came together as a testament to summertime and Mikayla’s natural beauty. Mikayla looked stunning and was a natural in front of the camera, and the look and feel of the session evoked a sense of pure Americana. I wanted to capture Mikayla’s kind and quiet spirit and sweet disposition in each photo, and she made it easy. Mikayla is proof that beauty within makes you glow from the inside out.

Senior Girl Portraits with Willow Tree Appleton, WI

Mikayla’s mom, Kristie, joined us for the session. I enjoyed talking to both Kristie and Mikayla about anything from after school ambitions, once MicKayla leaves Appleton East, to the simple joys of summertime. Mikayla loves to fish and spends a lot of time on Wisconsin lakes, especially during the warm months of summer. For those of you not native to Wisconsin, our state has more than 15,000 lakes, making it a wonderful destination for water lovers. Ironically, while Mikayla enjoys reeling them in, she doesn’t enjoy eating fish. In addition to her hobbies, Mikayla was excited to share with me her plans for the coming year. While excited to be done with high school, she looks forward to diving back into education with nursing school. I think she will make an excellent addition to any medical team and I can’t wait to see where her passion for helping others will take her.

Appleton, WI Senior Girl Photos on Driftwood

In my experience as a photographer, I have found every session to have a unique vibe. Much of this is determined by the people, the weather, and the purpose of the session. Sometimes a shoot is fast-paced and energetic, other times it is relaxed and easy-going. While I love an energetic session, I enjoyed slowing the pace with Mikayla. It was relaxing to be in the rolling fields on such a beautiful day. I always find this client exclusive location to be very peaceful, and the happiness of the day was contagious.

Cute Summer Outfits for Senior Photos Appleton WI
Closeup Senior Photos with Appleton WI Senior Photographer

Senior pictures are an important part of any young person’s life, and I love being a part of the journey. It is a weighty responsibility to capture pictures meant to be cherished, displayed, and passed on, and I find the challenge to be satisfying and rewarding. If you are gearing up for your senior year in high school, I would love to hear about your vision for your senior pictures. As the song “American Honey” says, “Oh, I miss those days as the years go by”! Time goes by all too quickly, and it’s up to you to capture every special moment! I am happy to be here to help.

Senior Pictures with fishing gear Appleton WI
Senior Pictures in a leather Photo Album Appleton WI