Rachelle + Cherisse | Equine Photography

Rachelle & Cherisse | Horse and Rider Photos

Camp Minikani - Hubertus, Wisconsin

While I grew up as an only child, I had many cousins that gave me a taste of what life with siblings might have been like. The squabbles, the quiet and supportive understanding, and ultimately, the everlasting love. My familial relationships have always been of utmost importance to me, and I have always admired the relationships between siblings, especially sisters. They say that sisters are built in best friends. This summer after my session with Cherisse and Rachelle, I was inclined to believe it.

Cherisse and Rachelle have been best friends since the day they were born—rightfully so, as these two lovely ladies are twins! They wanted to get professional sister pictures taken featuring their shared passion, horseback riding, and their sister bond before Cherisse walked down the aisle. In all of the excitement of planning a wedding, it was important to them both to still have a keepsake of their bond, and I was privileged that they came to me to help them capture some authentic and candid moments.

Three beautiful horses belonging to the girls joined us for the session. Two belonged to Rachelle (Magic, a Dark Bay APHA gelding in addition to her lovely Palomino) and the third belonging to Cherisse (Diesel, a grey AQHA gelding). They are both incredible horsewomen and their horses responded so well to their commands and guidance. There was a lot of mutual trust and love going around, and not just between the horses and their riders. Cherisse and Rachelle have so much love for each other, and in true twin fashion they finished each other’s sentences in between shared giggles and sly glances. Their supportive bond took center stage, from them brushing the hair out of each other’s eyes or smiling supportively from the sidelines.

Our session took place at Camp Minikani in Hubertus, Wisconsin, and the weather could not have been better. The sun gave us warm and golden light and the clear skies made for a gorgeous sunset towards the end of our equine photoshoot. After months of melty, wet spring weather, it felt like summer at last. Cherisse and Rachelle did their own hair and makeup for the session. Their mom was a makeup artist and they have both picked up many tips and tricks from her along the way, and it really showed. Both of them looked gorgeous, and their matching, megawatt smiles were blinding in front of the camera.

Relationships can be a beautiful thing, whether it is one shared between family members, horses and their riders, or best friends. Sometimes, a relationship can encompass all of these things, as it does for Rachelle and Cherisse. If you share a passion with one of your closest friends or family members, professional photographs are a wonderful way to showcase your unique relationship. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe that the perfect photograph can go even farther. They can tell us about lifetimes and friendships—moments that are gone too soon but evolve into memories to cherish forever.