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Wisconsin’s own Equine Photographer

At the beginning of 2019, I gave myself a number of goals I wanted to see myself accomplish before the

end of the year. As a creative, there is never a shortage of new ways to feel challenged. I always enjoy

thinking of different ways to grow as a professional, and it did not take me long to come up with a list of

things I would like to see myself do. One of my goals was to be published in at least one of my favorite

magazines. I am an avid reader of equestrian magazines and I was excited at the prospect of seeing my

work on their pages. Well, I am so excited to share with you all that in March I was published in the

national syndicated AQHA Journal. I was honored to not only provide the magazine with photographs

but also with a riveting true story.

While it was a privilege to help tell this story, it is not one that belongs to me. The story AQHA asked me

to tell is of Lacey and Cooper, a dynamic duo who had all the odds stacked against them—and who went

ahead to beat the odds regardless. You may remember Lacey from one of my earlier blog posts. This

gorgeous and talented horsewoman grew up on a farm that nurtured her love of horses, and her

passion for an equestrian lifestyle blossomed into adulthood. An avid barrel racer, Lacey first laid eyes

on Cooper at a local barrel race and instantly fell in love. She knew she wanted him—and when the

circumstances aligned so that he could become hers, she knew she could not say no.

Owning Cooper did not come without its challenges. The article published in AQHA Journal highlights the

struggles that the two of them went through and their journey together, and I was motivated to

showcase the reasons that made everything worth Lacey’s time. Despite their struggles and Cooper’s

underlying issues from his past, Lacey’s patience, knowledge, and love for Cooper helped them to

become the unstoppable team they are today. Their unbreakable bond is proof that while owning a

horse that comes with baggage can be predictably exhaustive, challenging, and a lot of hard work, the

friendships formed are always worth it.

Our session took place in Shiocton, WI, on a cold day earlier this year. I can still remember how heavy

the snow was falling, but we were having so much fun despite the chill in the air. There was no pressure

for the perfect, posed shot—rather, I wanted to capture intimate and natural moments between him

and Lacey. I was so pleased with the results. You can visibly see the trust Cooper puts in his rider and the

kindness and patience Lacey returns to him.

If you would like to read more about Lacey and Cooper’s journey, you can do so by picking up a copy of

the 2019 March issue of AQHA’s Journal. There was also a small feature of my work published in AQHA’s

America’s Horse Magazine. Getting published in these two magazines was a huge goal of mine and it

was an exciting moment of growth for me and my business. Keep your eyes open for my work in some

exciting new places. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

Wisconsin Horse Photographer
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