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Anna & Iron Storm (Vinny) | Horse and Rider Photos

Northstar Equestrian Center | Green Bay, WI

One of the many reasons I adore photographing horses and their riders is because their bond is unlike any other. And each relationship is something different, a complicated tapestry of challenges and victories unique to each team. Capturing the bond on camera is something I am passionate about and can relate to immensely—I often wish I had had professional photos taken with my mare Riley before she passed away. While I do have many sweet memories of our time together, the only tangible evidence left is a handful of snapshots.

That is why it was such a treat to get to spend the day with Anna and her lovely horse Vinny. Anna was initially going to join us for our group session at Northstar Equestrian Center but was unable to make it that day. She still wanted for Vinny and herself to get to enjoy a session, so we decided on a private one just for the two of them. I am happy to say the results turned out beautifully! Northstar was a lovely backdrop and a convenient location, as Anna boards Vinny there, and I always love the energy of fast-paced Equestrian Centers.

We were counting on the snow sticking around for some gorgeous winter photos, but as it tends to go the snow melted by the time for our session rolled around. Instead of being disappointed, we focused our energy into making the best of the changing landscape and the results were stunning. Without the snow, the lighting was softer and glowing with just a hint of springtime green. Angela Marie Makeup Artistry did Anna’s hair and makeup, and I really love how well she featured Anna’s natural beauty. I love meeting the friends and family members of my clients, so I was thrilled to meet Anna’s grandmother, who also joined us behind the scenes.

Vinny was feisty and energetic during our session, and I admired Anna’s skill as she calmly and professionally handled him. He was consistently at ease in her presence, and I was once again reminded of the powerful relationship a horse and rider can share.  This session was particularly special to me because Vinny was one of the first horses I professionally photographed as I started out in my new career. What a privilege it was to be able to photograph him with his new owner, Anna, three years later! Together, Vinny and Anna make quite the team. They actively participate in show jumping and dressage, and Anna was excited as we discussed all of her plans for their future.

Our horses are never in our lives long enough, and while we never forget them, we may find ourselves wishing we had something just a bit more. Professional photographs with your horse are one of the best ways to forever showcase the special friendship you and your horse share. Whether you are a competitive rider or someone who sticks to the trails, every bond is a special one. If you too want to experience a professional photoshoot with your horse, I can help make that happen.

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