Herd Of Zebras | Business Photoshoot

Herd of Zebras

Green Bay, WI

As a photographer, I love to challenge myself. While I so often photograph my clients in their personal

lives, I love the chance to tell the story of a local business. It is always a great opportunity to make a

connection with likeminded business owners and I enjoy working commercially for a variety of

companies. That is why I was so thrilled when Forest, the hardworking and compelling founder of Herd

of Zebras, reached out to me to photograph the staff and their selection of lifestyle and equestrian

products. You might have come across Forest in an earlier blog post—she was there for my Equestrian

Center photo session at Greenfield Farms a while back.

To know more about Herd of Zebras, you must first know more about Forest. Forest has spent much of

her life overcoming a number of personal challenges, which has left her with figurative “stripes”. Her

own particular trials made her stronger as she opened herself up to a community of like-minded

people—those who never let their misfortunes cause them to hold back in life. Rather, these trials

helped each one in the community to become stronger. As Forest would put it, they sincerely “earned

their stripes”.

The mission of Herd of Zebras is to provide a figurative family for equestrians looking for their tribe. This

welcoming community churns out warmth and love in every product they sell, and they offer a safe

place to share stories, find common ground, and make lasting friends. Above all, members of the herd

all share an unequivocal love of horses, something that is near and dear to my heart, too.

I identified with their mission and story and was honored to get to be a part of their team for a day full

of fun and photos. I enjoyed getting to know Forest better and meeting the fellow members of her

team, including her sister-in-law and close friend Liz, who helps with the marketing and graphic design

for Herd of Zebras. Our session took place in Green Bay, WI at Greenfield Farms Equestrian Center, and

despite the cold temps and fogginess outside, the energy indoors was overflowing with excitement and

liveliness. We were incredibly busy from start to finish, but that did not stop us from enjoying snacks

and conversation in between snapshots. I had Angela Marie Makeup Artistry take over for hair and

makeup, and she did such an incredible job enhancing each of the girl’s natural beauty. And of course,

what would be a Copper Arrow session be without the horses?

I loved working with Herd of Zebras, and I would love to collaborate with them again in the future. I’m

always looking for new businesses to work commercially with. So, are you a business looking for a

photographer? If my services do not seem to quite match your needs, I encourage you to still reach out

to me. I would love the opportunity to work with you and help your company grow to unprecedented


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