Wisconsin Fair Photoshoot

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Outagamie County Fair | Seymour, WI

Fun photoshoot idea at the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, WI. I love photos by the ferris wheel.

Even though summer is officially at its end (hello, autumn!), I can’t help but remember my summer sessions with fondness. It was a hot summer with weeks full of warmth and beauty, and my sessions these past months with my awesome clients made up some of my favorite days. There are always activities that such an iconic part of this time of year, and nothing says small-town summer like a county fair. For that reason, I was so excited that my next location to shoot at was with my client Brooke at our local county fair.

It was a hot and sunny afternoon that Brooke and I met at the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, WI. The Outagamie Fair has been held in Seymour since 1885. Despite being what others may call “small”, it has attracted many big names over the years, including Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, and most recently, Gretchen Wilson. But the heart of the fair is in the hardworking farming community. It was the perfect backdrop to showcase a variety of western outfits as well as Brooke’s engaging, bright personality.

Brooke is a kind, genuine person with a deep passion for helping others feel good about themselves and grow in their self-esteem. It was a passion I could identify with—as your photographer, I always want you to feel your very best. Brooke loves her job at a local BUCKLE because of the multiple opportunities to help clients find their perfect outfit. Brooke is always the one styling people, so it was a fun switch to have her be the model for a change! She even did her own hair and makeup. The finished result was definite proof that this girl is a pro. She was sun-kissed and glowing, looking breezy and carefree as she kicked up dust in cowboy boots, said hello to a sweet calf, and effortlessly smiled for the camera.

We had a blast walking alongside the barns, stopping at the food trucks, and posing in front of the rides. There is something so familiar about a county fair—the lights, the smells, and the sounds seem to always evoke the same feeling of comfort and home. Since we hit up so many spots at the fair, I juggled my large camera and hefty camera bag throughout the afternoon. This is usually no problem—but on this particular day my heavy equipment caused some to raise eyebrows and report us as looking suspicious! We had two policemen approach us inquisitively, but a simple conversation cleared everything up. Whew! They let us go about our business and we very gratefully thanked them. But I definitely don’t plan on attracting police attention again any time soon! I won’t lie, Brooke and I had a good laugh at how suspicious we must have looked.

Fun branding photo shoot at the Outagamie County Fair, in Seymour, WI. Love the lights from the carnival games in the background.
Inspirational Photoshoot at the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, WI. Cute photo with a calf and carnival games.

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Fun photoshoot the the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, WI. The carnival ride lights were a perfect backdrop to our creative content photoshoot.