Savana W. | Lincoln High School Senior Photos

Senior Pictures with a Horse

Friendship, WI

Lincoln High | Wisconsin Rapids | Class of 2019

Summertime in Wisconsin has slipped away from the heavy mugginess of early July into a long stretch of blue skies, cool breezes and bright sunshine. We couldn’t ask for better weather as the season begins its final stretch, and I for one am cherishing every warm and clear day we get. It was on one of these perfect summer days that I was able to enjoy a one on one personalized session with one of my lovely senior representatives who I’ve come to consider a great friend, Savana—you’ve seen her before in some of my earlier group sessions, but our day spent amidst rolling green meadows and tall pines was different. This was a special shoot all about her.

The friendships I establish with my clients are definitely a perk of my job, and the relationships I’ve been able to build with my senior representatives take it a step further. Since these lovely ladies are part of my team and represent my business, we spend a lot of time working together and getting to know each other. Savana is no exception—getting to work with her has been a delight, and with every new moment spent together we’ve learned a lot about each other.

Savana and I worked together to make sure everything was perfect for the shoot. Her beautiful horse Mesha still needed to be brushed, so I took care of brushing down her coat until it gleamed while Savana finished getting ready (she did all her own hair and makeup). She chose the prettiest blue dress for herself and I provided an additional outfit for a wardrobe change. Her individual session took place on her family’s property in Friendship, WI, and to find the perfect location a little adventure was in store. Savana rode her beautiful horse Mesha to the back of their property and I followed—in their Gator UTV! It was so much fun, and I was equally amazed and proud that I managed to avoid a crash along the way, because I honestly couldn't gauge the gas pedal. I would suddenly fling forward and stop. 

The afternoon flew by and the sun soon began to set, gifting us with buttery, warm golden light. Between shots and bouts of laughter from tripping over hidden stumps and stepping into covered potholes, I really enjoyed getting to know Savana better. She’s such a kind spirit with the biggest heart for animals, and recently she just rescued a horse from a kill pen. In addition, she trains all of her own horses, something I know from experience takes patience, trust and humility. She’s also an incredibly talented artist and would love to model in the future.

One of Savana's drawings...

As mentioned previously, Savana is one of my senior representatives—an opportunity open to any high school senior. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others, gain experience and not only receive your own personalized session, but also multiple stylized sessions, a special perk reserved just for representatives. Working together to represent my company has been a great experience we’ve all enjoyed sharing. If you’re getting ready to be a senior in the coming months, connect with me to learn more! Your senior year of high school is one of the most exciting years of your life—and I can’t wait to share the experience with you.

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