Savanha S. | Oconto Falls High School

Senior Pictures with Sunflowers

Bergsbaken Farms in Cecil, WI

Oconto Falls High School | Oconto Falls, WI | Class of 2019


 If you were a flower, what would you be? My senior representative Savanha is the personification of the bold and brilliant sunflower—bright, outgoing, radiant. She has such a happy and positive vibe going on and I really wanted to capture it with some playful pictures and the perfect setting. I love a little bit of drama in my photos every now and then, but sometimes all you need is some sunshine and sunflowers.
When Savanha told me she wanted her senior pictures to be taken with sunflowers, I instantly thought of Bergsbaken Farms. Located outside of small town Cecil, Wisconsin, Bergsbaken Farms is a charming family owned and operated farm that sells self-serving and locally grown sweet corn and is set against acres upon acres of some of the most beautiful sunflowers you’ve ever seen. They annually host a Sunflower Fest, where you can roam the fields, take a wagon ride or purchase your own sunflowers. I felt it would be a quintessential place to give Savanha the backdrop she was going for. 
Our session was spontaneous and last minute, but I was thrilled at the opportunity to help Savanha get some unforgettable senior pictures. Senior pictures are such an important memento from the last year in high school, and I was so excited to help Savanha with the pictures that she’s dreamed of. It was a special day, and I always enjoy any opportunity to catch up with my clients. If you remember from our most recent group session, Savanha’s family raises gypsy horses, and she’s always full of new stories from the farm. I always look forward to hearing about how the horses and other animals are doing. 
The blooming sunflowers attracted visitors from miles around that day, so we walked around the fields and relaxed while waiting for the crowds to disperse. We weaved in and out of the trails, enjoying the sights—there was so much to look at! Even though it was overcast and breezy, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just enough to give us the perfect amount of warmth and natural light. With senior pictures, you always want the senior to be the star of the photo, and I didn’t want the sunflowers to be competing with Savanha for attention. But I had nothing to worry about—Savanha positively glows in the pictures we captured, and her genuine expressions of joy completely lit up the fields! The sunflowers were the perfect compliment to a beautiful girl—the setting couldn’t have been better. 
Seniors—have you dreamed about your senior portraits since freshman year? Do you have an idea that doesn’t seem realistic, but you really want to try? Let me know! I’ll try just about anything to get you the pictures that you want—because it’s all about you. I can’t wait to turn your dreams into a reality. 

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