Ann, Gusto & Nick | Equine Photography

Ann, Gusto & Nick | Equine Photography

Hidden Creek Farm, Green Bay, WI


   As I pulled up the black top driveway heading toward the barn, I was feeling excited. Ann wanted a winter session, with a backdrop of blanketed snow, tall pines and crisp birch trees. Mix that all up with the sun setting and we were bound to end up with a gorgeous evening.

   I smiled when Ann told me she had been there nearly all day getting her handsome gelding, Gusto, ready for his close ups. To witness someone take such pride in their horse, it makes you glad that there are so many wonderful horse owners out there. You could tell these two had a long history and a mutual understanding of each other. Ann wanted Gusto to be happy and Gusto wanted the carrots Ann had hidden in the other room! What I wasn't expecting was when the bag of carrots were pulled out a dog was there immediately waiting for his carrot too! Nick was an absolute sweetie pie. Originally a foster dog that was sick and Ann was caring for him soon became a part of the family. But how could you not love a sweet face like Nick's. 

   What about Ann & Gusto? Dressage was the name of their game. They even traveled all the way to Kentucky for the 2014 US Dressage Finals & USDF Dressage in the Bluegrass, competing in third and fourth levels. Ann showed me photos and ribbons that were meticulously framed in a collage together, it was beautiful. The one image that caught my eye was taken right after they had finished one of their tests, Ann was still sitting on Gusto's back, leaned forward with this huge smile, patting Gusto's neck. The entire image gave an overwhelming feel of teamwork, neither horse nor rider was above the other rather they worked together. So I felt especially honored to photograph this dynamic duo four years later, even after the competition life has changed. Gusto has since been retired from Dressage, spending his days enjoying light riding and trails. His eyes were full of sparkles and he wasn't afraid to show us how happy he really was. Mid way through the session during a paddock shot, he thought the snow looked pretty inviting and down he went, rolling and sending snow flurries everywhere!

   I invite you to love the images taken during this beautiful Winter Horse & Rider Session of Ann, Gusto and Nick! And if you have a dream photo session in mind, connect with me! I'd love to chat and see if we can make that special moment happen. You'll never regret having memories like this captured of you and your horse.

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