Elizabeth | Wisconsin High School Senior Photos

Wisconsin Winter High School Senior Portraits

Elizabeth | Class of 2019

  My sweet friend, miss Elizabeth, was so kind to brave the twenty degree weather for me! I needed someone to follow my new style guide that will be going with every client that books with me. Elizabeth read it over, sent me some snapshots of a few outfits and we were ready to go!

   That morning it was cloudy, gloomy and lightly snowing. I was slightly disappointed because I thought the sky was suppose to clear up and I was planning on some sunset images. I thought to myself "Well, it's going to do what it's going to do and we will make the best of it!" I had prepared a few spots that would be ideal if it was gloomy and snowy.  To my delight the clouds moved out and we were in for a beautiful and warm glowing sunset.

   Elizabeth was a trooper and despite being cold, willingly following my request to sit on the ground in the snow, she was laughing! We ended up having a lot of fun, sipping hot apple cider in between takes. No regrets for this styled winter senior session!

   Enjoy some of the highlights below! If you are interested in booking your own dreamy and joyful winter session, contact me here.


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