Stacie, Grant & Watson | Equine Photography

Stacie, Grant & Watson | Equine Photography | Family Photos

Seymour, WI

Sharing a hobby with your child is like taking a journey together. Along the way, you both learn new things and discover new skills, while strengthening your bond and learning from each other. That’s what I observed when I had the opportunity to spend time with mother-and-son dynamic duo Stacie and Grant. Also along for the ride? Their gorgeous gelding Watson. And while I always enjoy my portrait sessions with clients, nothing could have prepared me for how much fun I was about to have with these three. Because with Stacie and Grant, it’s safe to say their passion for horses runs in the family.

Our session took place on a pleasantly warm and slightly overcast day at an exclusive Copper Arrow Photography location available only to my clients. Even as we approach autumn the scenery was still lush with golden flowers, green grasses, and trees still clinging to emerald leaves. The cloud coverage gave me perfect lighting to work with, and not even the light drizzle towards the end of our session could keep us from capturing some amazing photos. And what amazing photos they turned out to be!

It was such a privilege photographing Stacie, Grant, and Watson, and their exuberant joy and love for one another was evident as we shared laughs and told stories. Stacie owns Legacy Performance Horses and is not only an incredible horsewoman, raising and training world-class horses, but a beautiful person both inside and out. While Angela Marie Makeup Artistry did hair and makeup and I provided Stacie’s outfits from Willow Clothing Co., really nothing could compare to the way Stacie lit up on the other side of the camera. She looked positively stunning, and in every photo her radiant smile took center stage. What’s more, the special relationship she shares with Grant was dynamic! I loved capturing it on camera.

From an early age Grant took an interest in his mother’s passions, and in no time he was building his own relationships with horses. His relationship with Watson is something totally it’s own. There was just so much love he felt for the gentle quarter horse, and you could tell that the two were best friends. Watson is so caring around Grant, always attentive towards his little friend. But don’t let his mild demeanor fool you—Watson is an incredible competitor in the show ring. In fact, Grant took Watson to an ABHA (American Buckskin Horse Association) world show, which was a resounding success! The two brought home some trophies, and a bond stronger than ever.

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