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Decorating your home is one of the ways you present yourself and your passions to the world. A well-decorated house can tell others the story of you and your family, while also giving an intimate glimpse into your passions and interests. Customized photographs can be a classic, enduring way to accessorize your home, but the perfect picture can become so much more. With a little work, it could become a piece of fine art, timeless and stunning—the perfect compliment to any home.

Copper Arrow Photography Fine Art Equine products are available as a special item for clients as part of a session designed with the arts in mind. So, what is this fine art? My fine art is designed from a picture of your horse, or horses, standing against a solid black or wood background. These pictures are of only the horses, without the distraction of people, allowing the horse’s composition to really shine. These pictures are then transformed into pieces of art and created into wall displays such as, handcrafteted heirloom canvas, dynamic eye catching metal or even a framed print graced with a gorgeus mat. After the personalized session and some behind the scenes editing, I meet with my clients and help you decide what kind of material will not only look the best but will also meet the demands of its new environment.

Capturing a photograph of your horses that can be turned into fine art requires much planning such as the right setting, a relaxed and happy horse, and an equine photographer up to the task. Because the success of a fine art photo session depends a lot on little details and distinct nuances, I take great pride in ensuring your horse is comfortable, happy, and relaxed. Things that may not seem like a big deal at the time of the shoot really pop against the background of the finished product—ears pointing forward, muscles relaxed, and eyes bright and attentive. I’ll do anything to get the perfect shot, resulting in stunning photographs of an alert and engaged equine! Safety is always of utmost importance, and the horses should never feel threatened or vulnerable during any time of the session. Maintaining a peaceful and relaxed environment enables that your horses feel content and carefree.

One of these fine art products can transform a blank wall into a masterpiece. These are pieces of art that can last for generations and adapt seamlessly into countless styles of home décor, all while celebrating the lives of the equines we hold close to our hearts. Each piece is designed with the client in mind, and I’ll work with you to create a piece perfect for you and your home.

In a world where everything is digital, treat yourself to something real. Booking a fine arts session with me will result in a piece of timeless artwork to cherish forever. Houses may come and go, places change, and horses don't stay with us as we wish, but the perfect piece of artwork can tie a house together and turn it into a home—your home.

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