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A little backstory on myself. I grew up as a farm girl with strong family ties and a passion for horses. My summers were spent on the back of my little red mare, Riley. We did some barrel racing but my heart was on the trails. I loved the peaceful quiet that surrounded us when we were away from the barn. My favorite times with Riley was spent riding early fall when the leaves had just begun to change and the weather was perfect. This really sparked the creative side in this Wisconsin girl!

    Fast forward to today, I am a dedicated wife to a wonderful husband, who supports my shenanigans with a smile! Some of our best times spent together is getting a couple fishing poles and heading out for a weekend on the lakes.

I have had some incredible accomplishments such as being published in AQHA’s Quarter Horse Journal, APHA’s CHROME Magazine, and Rockn W Report. I have also had the privileged of photographing the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Breeders Championship for the Midwest Circuit. It’s been a fun ride so far and I can’t wait for you to join me!

Equine Photographer
Equine Photographer
Equine Photographer

Why I am an Equine Photographer....

As an equestrian myself, I see the value in those special portraits. My mare, Riley, passed away after 7 years of owning her. I had snapshots of us together but never had professional pictures done.

I understand the bond we humans can create with horses, with each one it is unique but still extremely strong. I know those "looks" you give your horse, the patience we need and the laughter they bring us. I know the pain of losing your heart horse in death and I know the feelings that come when you decide to sell your beloved equine. I know what it's like to be that little girl with her unicorn and to be an adult with a trusted steed.

Equine Photographer

    I want to create memories that can connect generations, something tangible that can be passed down and appreciated for years. The images I strive to create will let you remember the joyous times spent with precious family members and beloved Equine's.

   I'm Aubray, a Wisconsin Based and traveling equine photographer. Connect with me here!   

Wisconsin equine photographer